About Umami PokéRito

What is "Poke?"

Poke and Poke Bowls are very popular in Hawaii and on the West Coast.


Umami is Japanese for "pleasant savory taste" or "yum!"


Poke means “cubed or diced” in Hawaiian, and refers to chunks of sushi-grade fish which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami-packed sauces.


As in "burrito!" You have the option to enjoy your Poke burrito-style, using one of our four wraps. You've got to try this!

Experience World Class Food Close to Home

Learn more about our sushi restaurant in Charlotte, NC

Umami PokéRito is a new Asian fusion restaurant in Charlotte, NC. Our menu will stimulate your taste buds and broaden your palate with global flavors. You'll love our expertly crafted dishes created using the freshest local ingredients.

Whether you're a traditional sushi lover or a connoisseur of fine foods, you'll indulge in unforgettable meals at Umami PokéRito.

Call us at 704-526-0397 today to learn more about our Asian fusion cuisine, including poké bowls, sushi burritos and traditional sushi.

Meet Our Team

Chuchen Lou: CEO and Chef

Chuchen Lou is a world-class chef with more than 10 years of restaurant industry experience. He is a gastronomist and is professionally trained in French and Japanese cuisine. Over the course of his career, he has worked with other renowned chefs at some of the largest restaurants and food groups in the country, including:

  • Union Square Hospitality Group in New York
  • Trump International Hotel and Resort Las Vegas
  • Hachi at Red Rock Casino Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas

Chuchen is now the CEO at Umami PokéRito.

Hiro Ohata: Corporate Executive Chef

Hiro Ohata was one of the top sushi chefs in Hawaii before moving to Charlotte. He has mastered the arts of various international cuisines, including:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Cajun
  • Caribbean

Chef Hiro has a passion for fusing the tastes of the world. His success lies in his world of experience, his artistry and his ability to surprise unsuspecting diners with new and exciting dishes.

To learn more about our experienced team, contact us today.