Reviews of Umami PokeRito

Hear what Charlotte area restaurant-goers are saying about our new poke bowl restaurant!

Awesome food, great staff. Definitely a must for a quick lunch! While you're there, don't leave without trying the shishito pepper appetizer--yum!


Charlotte, NC

I had the sushi burrito wrapped in nori w/spicy tuna. The store is quaint with low lighting but nice atmosphere. My burrito was fresh and delicious. It exceeded my expectations and I definitely recommend you try it.


Charlotte, NC

This place is amazing! What a fantastic meal! All of the employees were really nice, and the food was very good-- way better than I was expecting. Their Kimchi was perfect, and the salmon and shrimp in my wrap was very tasty. Everything was fresh and yummy. Will definitely be back


Charlotte, NC

This place consistently blows me away. I absolutely love the poke here. My boyfriend always gets the make your own burrito and I always get the poke bowls. The food is outstanding every time we go. Never once had a bad experience. You have to go to this place if you like Japanese! Also, I tried the Japan's non-carbonated soda for the first time tonight called Calpico and it was so refreshing and different. I would recommend this place to anyone because it's that good. No other place like it in Charlotte. The owner is so down to earth and humble. He genuinely wants people to just enjoy themselves when they are here. I will keep coming back because it's all around awesome.


Charlotte, NC

Place is incredible!!! Been waiting for a very long time for a place that can make spot on poke bowls like in Hawaii. These guys are the real deal! Several have been high ranking chefs at very famous restaurants! It actually tastes BETTER than it did in Hawaii! We'll be back for sure. Thanks guys for taking a chance and opening in South Charlotte.


Charlotte, NC

This meal was probably one of the best I've ever eaten. Really. I got the Poke Bowl on greens and the flavor combination cannot be surpassed. It has guacamole, seaweed, mango, onion, and ahi tuna in a sesame sauce. Food is definitely high-quality fusion food.This is more of a "To-Go" place. It is small and doesn't have a lot of tables. Which is a-okay because again the food is fabulous and worth a stop to pick up. The owner is super friendly and helpful. I wasn't sure to go for a bowl or a burrito, but his suggestion of ahi tuna on greens was stellar. I will absolutely be going back.


Charlotte, NC

First time eating here and it was delicious! Very clean and modern inside, quick service, and very helpful for indecisive bowl builders!!


Charlotte, NC

Great ambiance and fantastic food. West Coast Poke at its finest, with many great menu items to choose. Everything is fresh. If you're new to Poke, try their namesake dish, Umami. It's a light and delightful combination of flavors and textures.


Charlotte, NC

I've been to several other poke places in Charlotte and this is, by far, my favorite! The fish seems fresh, the bowls are FANTASTIC, the shishito peppers are sooooo DELICIOUS, the people are nice, and the price is extremely reasonable. I'm a foodie so it is so refreshing to see some great places in Charlotte. Yum!


Pineville, NC

Um, yum! The pokerito I had with crab and shrimp was awesome. Seaweed salad was delish too. Will definately be back!


Charlotte, NC

I had the Umami Burrito and it was heaven in every bite!


Pineville, NC

Absolutely delicious. Some of the best food I have had in the Charlotte area. I will be telling everyone I know to come here.


Charlotte, NC

We had an early dinner here tonight and it's was absolutely amazing!! Our kids had chicken teriyaki on white rice, I had the Umami burrito and wife had the spicy miso chicken bowl. Kids loved the teriyaki chicken - not too bold for kids. We loved the combination of flavors and portion size is perfect... satisfying without feeling overly stuffed. Staff & owner are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Owner did say they are working on adding more seating however the theme is more of a "food to go" type. Very cozy & laid back family friendly atmosphere!


Matthews, NC

This is exactly what this area needs! You want something good, go to this place. Create a bowl of sashimi and vegetables or have it in a wrap. Do you like it spicy, then have it that way. Do you want steak instead of raw fish, go ahead. The place is perfectly suited for anyone's palate, but you have to know your flavor range. Spicy, bitter, sweet, tangy, etc. They have it all. We've been several times and every single time, the dining area was spotless, no fish odors, and nothing messed up. The staff is courteous, helpful, interactive, and clean. Even if you're not adventurous, you should give it a go because they'll help you find something you can try...and it may end up helping you become more adventurous. We absolutely love this place. Support local businesses and restaurants!!


Charlotte, NC

I genuinely love this place, it is delicious! I always build my own burrito, I love the yum yum sauce, and sometimes I change up what vegetables I get. the staff is always friendly and welcoming. It can get a little expensive if you buy for the whole family but it is reasonable if you are eating alone.


Pineville, NC

Soooo good and fresh. New favorite for my list.


Charlotte, NC

Delicious and fresh, and for the price it was just right. The amount was great too as I tend to always be horribly stuffed with portions at other restaurants. The quality was out of this world.


Waxhaw, NC

This place is awesome. I went the day of grand opening and have returned once since then.. right now writing this review is making me want to go back today for lunch! I decided to make my own burrito both times I have been, once with a flour tortilla and again with the Seaweed paper; both ways are a 10 out of 10! The staff seemed very nice and knowledgeable.


Charlotte, NC

Very clean and great establishment! Different menu selections with options of creating your own burrito or bowl. Prices are very reasonable and worth it. Staff is very friendly and welcoming. I hope this place doesn't go away. I love sushi and to have it in burrito form makes it all worthwhile. I was hoping there was a place like this down here since I've eaten at a spot like this in D.C. called Buredo. Fortunate enough, it's no more than 5-7 minutes down the street from where I live! Please visit this place. You won't regret it.


Charlotte, NC

Food was great. Chef was amazing and very kind. Dibs to the chef!!!!!


Charlotte, NC